Butter Beer recipe


Recently I went to the Harry Potter studios in London and tasted their butter beer; it was very yummy! So, why not make it yourself at home? I think that this is extremely easy to make and is relatively cheap too.

For the drink:
– Irn Bru soft drink, you can also use ginger beer if you prefer.
– Cream soda
For the topping:
– Whipping cream
– Butterscotch extract or flavouring.

First pour your Irn Bru into a cup until it is about a quarter full, then top up the drink with cream soda. You can add more or less Irn Bru if you want the butter beer to be stronger or weaker.
Next combine the whipping cream and butterscotch flavouring and pour it over the top of your drink. Sit back, relax and hop aboard the Hogwarts express!


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